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Ultramatic Canada is Canada's leader in high quality adjustable sleep systems. Our customers have been counting on us for a good night's sleep for over 25 years and we've become sleep experts. Let us show you how to get a good night's sleep that will impact your entire life, improving your health, mood, memory and energy.

We believe, and our customers agree, that our sleep systems are the best. With more than 1001 positions, our beds adjust to you - your every shape and your every mood. So go ahead and pick the perfect position for reading, watching TV, playing, working and sleeping. And with our Comfort Guarantee, Industry Leading Warranties and Pillow-Tilt technology, you can rest assured that your best investment is in a good night's sleep with Ultramatic.

Acid Reflux and
Stomach Ailments

"I purchased my Ultramatic bed and I love it. I retired and it is just perfect with my head and feet elevated and the massage on. I also suffer from acid reflux, but not anymore."

Cameron A., Port Perry, ON


"I am finally able to sleep restfully by raising both the head and feet sections. It greatly relieves the arthritic pain in my hips and legs."

Shirley J., BC


"I am an asthmatic with arthritis, I am very pleased with the range of features my Ultramatic bed gives me to ease these conditions during rest."

Beryl E., Winnipeg, MB