For more than 30 years, Ultramatic has been helping Canadians sleep better with our complete line of Ultramatic adjustable beds. The Classic is Ultramatic’s entry level Sleep System which offers excellent value with two lift motors positioned for you to easily adjust your upper and lower body, and provides soothing massage, wireless remote control and many other benefits.

Ultramatic’s sleep systems fit within most bed frames and can be attached to most headboards, so there’s no need to purchase new furniture and accessories – just enjoy the deep, refreshing sleep your new sleep system offers.

We recommend that you discuss your sleeping requirements and habits with our Sleep Experts. Our Sleep Experts will help you determine which combination of base, mattress and size is right for you and will ensure your new sleep system will fit comfortably in your bedroom.


  • 1. Two Lift Motors for Upper and Lower Body
  • 2. Upper and Lower Body Massage Motors
  • 3. Wireless Remote Control
  • 4. Three Level Massage Control
  • 5. Universal Headboard Attachment
  • 6. Integrated Design Base and Mattress




Custom Size


38″ x 74″

A standard twin/single size

38″ x 80″


54″ x 74″

A standard Double size

54″ x 80″


60″ x 80″

A standard Queen size


Dual Queen

64″ x 80″

Our Dual Queen utilizes two side by side base and mattress combinations which are operated independently. It is slightly wider than normal.


Dual King

76″ x 80″

A standard King size utilizing two side
by side base and mattress combinations which are operated independently.

76″ x 74″

All Ultramatic beds are backed by industry leading warranties. To view our warranties, please click here.

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