Learn about the different types of mattresses that

are available with your Ultramatic sleep system.

Ultramatic Mattresses

Ultramatic offers a range of mattresses specifically manufactured to complement adjustable bases.

You name it, we've got it! From Gel Memory Foam mattresses, to Pure Gel, 100% Natural Latex and Pocket Coil Mattresses, our sleep experts can explain which mattress will suit you the best.

Note, regular mattresses should not be used with adjustable beds. All our mattresses are specifically designed to withstand years of bending and flexing on an adjustable bed.

Our newest collection of mattresses features layers of the

revolutionary temperature-regulating comfort foam: NanoGel.

EXTACY Pocket Coil Mattress

Our 3-in-1 EXTACY mattress has everything you would want for a perfect night's sleep: coolness, pressure-relief and durable support.

Extacy Gel Pocket Coil Mattress by Dreameasy for Ultramatic

Key Benefits:

Key Features:

DEVI Gel-Infused Mattress

The Devi is an all foam spring-free mattress, made with a layer of cool Gel-Infused memory foam.

Devi Gel-Infused Mattress

Key Features:

YOGI Pure Gel Mattrress

The Yogi features our best Gel technology: Pure Matrix NanoGel. This is the most pressure-relieving and temperature-regulating mattress in our range.

Matrix NanoGel combines the benefits of both POCKET COILS and GEL-Infused MEMORY FOAM, to provide the most peaceful, balanced sleep you will ever have.

Yogi Pure Gel Mattress

Key Features:

Here's how the technology works (click the image to open it in a seperate window):

Pure Matrix NanoGel is 100% gel, organized in a grid of support columns. 100% pure gel offers innerspring-like therapeutic support, yet is more durable than metal springs or memory foam. And, like memory foam, these gel columns smoothly compress and conform to the shape of your shoulders and hips. NanoGelís unique formulation is carefully calibrated to reduce pressure points, absorb vibrations, and relieve muscle pain.

We aim to make the most comfortable and long-lasting mattresses, helping to improve sleep one person at a time. For Health. Comfort. Life.

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Other Types of Mattress

Type Mattress Description

OrthoPlush Reversible Coil

If you're not sure what firmness level you want, or you'd like the flexibility to change firmness levels, you'll love our OrthoPlush Reversible Coil mattress. Two mattresses in one: One side is soft; the other side is firm - so you can change the firmness as your needs change without buying a new mattress!

Selection of:

  • Ortho Firm on one side and Soft the other
  • Eurotop Firm
  • Select the coil count right for you!

The Coil mattress offers exceptional resiliency and support - no wonder it's our most popular model! Reinforced mattresses with additional coils are also available. Ask for details!


A natural latex mattress is the best choice when seeking comfort and durability from a mattress made from natural and pure matierals. It's also the preferred choice for those with allergies. Latex comes from rubber trees in the forests of Asia and is a rapidly renewable resource so it's also an environmentally friendly option. Whether you have allergies or not, you'll love the way it supports the natural contours of your body while you sleep, but returns to its original shape night after restful night.

Selection of:

  • Latex and Foam
  • Latex and Natural Foam
  • 100% Latex

Ask for details!