For more than 25 years, Ultramatic has been helping Canadians sleep better with our complete line of Ultramatic adjustable beds. Exclusively from Ultramatic, this base offers the same features as the Wallhugger, plus it has a third motor to adjust the position of your head and neck to incline even higher for greater support. The result is complete support through the full range of positions from slight inclined sleep to watching TV - and no more messing around with pillows that won't stay put.

Ultramatic's sleep systems fit within most bed frames and can be attached to most headboards, so there's no need to purchase new furniture and accessories - just enjoy the deep, refreshing sleep your new sleep system offers.

We recommend that you discuss your sleeping requirements and habits with our Sleep Consultants. Our Sleep Experts will help you determine which combination of base, mattress and size is right for you and will ensure your new sleep system will fit comfortably in your bedroom.