Diabetes & Poor Circulation

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Annette F., Lac La Hache, BC

My husband was diagnosed with Diabetes. All of a sudden his legs and feet would swell up to the size of elephant legs. I felt so helpless not knowing how to help my husband and best friend. If it wasn’t for the Ultramatic bed, I would have lost my wonderful husband.

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Lois J., Kingston, NS

I have severe osteoporosis and am a diabetic. The Ultramatic Adjustable bed was recommended to me because it sits higher off the floor and allows me to raise the head and foot of the bed. With my Ultramatic bed, it’s a joy to know I can lie down, get some real rest and get up from my bed without a lot of pain to my spine. The gentle massage is also very beneficial to blood circulation, especially in my legs. I am a happier person today as a result of my new Ultramatic Bed! I am a very happy customer!

Cathy Grant

I am a woman in her late 50s and I have lived with cerebral palsy my entire life. Before my sister bought me the bed, I constantly had circulation problem with my feet. You know that pin and needle feeling you get when you try and wake up your feet when they have fallen asleep? Well thats how my feet felt 24/7. Within two days of using the massage unit on my feet at night that feeling went away and has not returned in the nearly 16 years of me owning the bed.

Further a good friend's sister also had CP and like me had circulation problems in her feet. She unfortunately passed away a few years ago due to blood clots forming in her legs. I can not help but wonder if she had a bed like mine if those blood clots would have formed.

I truly feel that my Ultramatic bed has not only significantly improved the quality of my life, it may well have extended it.

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