Heart Disease and Heart Ailments

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Shirley H., Seeley’s Bay, ON

I am writing this letter to you about the benefits to my health from the use of my new Ultramatic bed. I suffer from diabetes, and as a result I have heart disease which includes chest pain and swelling of my legs and feet. Because I can adjust the head of the bed I no longer have any chest discomfort or wake up with the feeling of being suffocated. I sleep really well. Also by having the foot of the bed raised at night, I find that the swelling in both my legs and my feet is greatly reduced. This means that I can walk a lot better. Thank you Ultramatic bed!

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Elila K., Medicine Hat, AB

I have Congestive Heart Failure and my doctor recommended I sleep with my upper body elevated. I purchased an Ultramatic Adjustable bed and I sleep better than ever before. The massager does wonders and I get relief from swelling because I can elevate my feet.

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E. Smith, ON

My wife recently had heart surgery and suffers from arthritis so the ability to raise and/or adjust elevation of both/either head and foot of the bed has made her night’s sleep much more comfortable and relaxing.

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Mildred A., Red Deer, AB

I had a heart attack and also have a few other ailments including asthma. The massager on the Ultramatic Adjustable bed has reduced my heart palpitations a great deal. This allows me to get a decent sleep.

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