Hiatus Hernia

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James P., Ottawa, ON

The ability to sleep with my head up raised has eased my breathing problems, as well as my lower back pain and provided far more comfortable sleep than I have had in many years. Similarly, the head elevation has relieved my wife’s hiatus hernia problems at night. All of these things, along with the relaxing wave motion of the massagers have resulted in far more comfortable, uninterrupted sleep.

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Blanche W., Vernon, BC

As I have a Hiatus Hernia, the Ultramatic Adjustable bed is ideal and prevents me from having heartburn during the night.

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Ewald D., Saskatoon, SK

We discovered relief from the discomfort caused by a hiatus hernia and reflux disease. Now the upper body can be easily elevated to the desired position.

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Lois F., Neepawa, MB

My husband, who suffers from a hiatus hernia and was unable to sleep in a regular bed most nights, has been able to spend all night every night in his Ultramatic bed.

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Marg S., ON

I have a Hiatus Hernia and believe it’s pretty well healed since getting an Ultramatic bed.

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