Respiratory Ailments

J Coyne

I have had an Ultramatic bed for 10 years and just love it. I am susceptible to chest infections and wanted to have a bed that would raise up for easier breathing. It was the best investment I have ever made. I also love to read in bed and with the head of the bed in the up position I can read comfortably.

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Alice P., SK

My husband has COPD and the elevated position helps his breathing problems as well as the elevated foot position relieves the poor circulation he experiences in his feet and ankles. We both enjoy the massage feature and feel it is most beneficial.

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Eileen A., Shag Harbour, NS

I have a breathing problem and was sleeping on three pillows which did very little to alleviate the problem. Now, with my head elevated, I am having no problems breathing. What a relief!

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Charles F., Cobourg, ON

The fact that it can raise my head and shoulders has been a big help to my breathing problem; the comfort is also a factor to induce sleep.

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Laureen E., Sharon, ON

My husband particularly enjoys being able to raise his bed for sleeping as he has a sinus problem which creates breathing difficulties when lying flat.

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Shirley H., Seeley’s Bay, ON

Because I can adjust the head of the bed I no longer have any chest discomfort or wake up with the feeling of being suffocated. I sleep really well. Also, by having the foot of the bed raised at night, I find that the swelling in both my legs and feet is greatly reduced. This means that I can walk a lot more easily.

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