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Audrey Z., Edmonton, AB

I broke my right hip which then led to Sciatica. I needed to be in bed to rest my hip but lying in bed on my back was terrible for my Sciatica. You rushed my new Ultramatic bed to my home. It was beautiful and so well made. My daughter made the bed up for me; she was impressed with the quality of the mattress. I have not had a recurrence of Sciatica since I have slept in this bed.

Mark In York

Here I am laying on my new Ultramatic Yogi Nanogel bed, writing a review about this new adventure in comfort and rest. My story begins some 20 years ago when I bought my first Ultramatic pillowtop bed to help with painful sciatica and acid reflux. I had heard that laying on an incline would help with both problems. To my Joy and delight, this proved to be so true. I have not suffered with either problem for the last 20 years thanks to my ultramatic bed. I liked my first bed so much that I bought one for my aging mother as well. She loved hers for as long if she was able to use it. My mother is gone now but her bed still graces the bedroom she slept in and since I am not getting any younger, I decided to upgrade my bed to the nanogel model that Ultramatic sells so that I may enjoy comfort for as long as I need to use it.

This new bed is so comfortable that it supports me even more than my original ultramatic bed and the pillow tilt feature makes it much easier to read or work in bed. Oh what a delight. The friendly people at Ultramatic we're so very helpful and made my buying experience a very pleasant one. Thanks to Tina for her "bedside manner" in helping every step of the way to choose what I needed. I highly recommend the Ultramatic products and stuff to anyone who is looking for a high-quality product that will make the quality of your life that much better.

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