Sleep Apnea

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Karen C-W., Saskatoon, SK

My husband’s sleep apnea has virtually disappeared since he has been able to raise the head of the bed to the right level. We have tried other adjustable beds, but found they were too soft or limited in the positions you could choose. We both are especially happy with the massage function – it’s actually like a massage and not just a ‘vibrating bed’. We are so very pleased with our beds, we are telling friends and family what a difference Ultramatic makes!

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Catherine D., Ottawa, ON

What an investment and invention! I have severe sleep apnea plus leg circulation problems. I must say, that all I do is elevate the left and turn on the massager and BINGO! I wake up surprisingly, in the same position and rested.

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Marvin N., Eatonia, SK

I have sleep apnea and the elevated position of the bed makes it easier to sleep. I also elevate my legs as this helps with circulation.

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