Why Choose Ultramatic® Sleep System?

Time is Runinig outOur sleep experts have been helping people for getting a good night’s sleep for over 30 years. Here are the top reasons people continue to choose Ultramatic®:


Our goal is to get you a good night’s sleep that will impact your entire life, improving your health, mood, memory and energy. We truly want to help you get a good night’s sleep and improve your overall health and well-being.


Relieve neck pain with our PillowTilt™ technology

Exclusively from Ultramatic®, the PillowTilt™ technology allows you to adjust the position of your head and neck to incline even higher for greater support. The result is complete support through the full range of positions from slight inclined sleep to watching TV – and no more messing around with pillows that won’t stay put.


Our mattresses are specially designed for Adjustable Beds

All our mattresses are specifically designed to withstand years of bending and flexing on an adjustable bed.


Relieve the stress of day to day activities with a soothing massage

The Ultramatic® sleep system allows you to enjoy hours of soothing wave massages from head to foot. This will help relieve tired, sore muscles and reduce everyday tension and fatigue.


SLEEP LIKE A BABY with 1001 positions to pick from

With more than 1001 positions, our beds adjust to you – your every shape and your every mood. So go ahead and pick the perfect position for reading, watching TV, playing, working and sleeping.


Choose to sleep in a “Zero Gravity” or flat position

The zero gravity position is the most neutral position for the body to be in, so the effects of gravity are as evenly distributed across the body as possible. When your body is in a truly comfortable position in the zero gravity position on an Ultramatic® adjustable bed, you give your body the break it needs to truly and fully relax.


Rest easy with our industry leading warranty

Enjoy peace of mind in knowing Ultramatic® provides up to 25 years limited warranty for the product it sells.