SFERRA® Luxury Sheets

Genuine Giza Egyptian Cotton

SFERRA® bedding is made from the finest genuine Giza Egyptian Cotton. In particular, GIZA 45 is their finest luxury Italian fabric, among the most sought after luxury bedding in the world. GIZA 45 cotton is widely regarded as the most superior Egyptian cotton. Having one of the longest fiber lengths of all ELS cottons in the world, it has the very best in uniformity and fineness. SFERRA® GIZA 45 Egyptian Cotton bedding is often referred to as the “Queen of Egyptian Cotton”.

Expertly Spun & Woven in Italy

The artisans at SFERRA® make a truly remarkable sheet, unlike any other in the world. You can probably purchase Canadian-made Italian bedding, however, it will not compare to the careful finishing & precise cut and sewn tailoring that is known world over as having no equal.

A 125-Year Heritage of Craftsmanship

SFERRA® has been making truly remarkable linens for over 125 years. The story of SFERRA is not just a history of fine linen-making, but one of determination and family. The company was founded in 1891 Italy, when GennaroSferra first set foot on a cross-Atlantic steamer that would carry him to America. Aspiration led him to join the waves of immigrants seeking a new life, but it was a family history of craftsmanship that enabled him to sell the exquisite, meticulously handmade lace that would become his future. The company’s skills & techniqueshave now been honed over a century.

Combining Innovation with Tradition

SFERRA melds the technology of the times with that tradition of inspiration. They recently introduced an award-winning iPhone app; while, at the same time, they renovated and rejuvenated a rustic textile mill in Maine that weaves on vintage shuttle looms. From humble beginnings as a storefront in New York, to being now an international brand know world over, SFERRA will always live at the forefront of craftsmanship and luxury.

Popular Products: Down Duvets

SFERRA® Down Duvets and Pillows are considered the most luxurious available. Every genuine goose down duvet is meticulously hand-sorted ensuring only the purest down fills your luxury down duvet from SFERRA®. All of our Goose Down Duvets are covered by a sumptuous 345 TC Cotton Batiste, expertly made in Germany and is made from a dust mite and down proof fabric. All of their Canadian Goose Down is the very finest available and is among the lightest and airy down clusters available with rare fill power at an incredible 900+ Loft which is the highest Canada has to offer making the genuine Canadian goose down form SFERRA® the very best Canada has to offer.

Popular Products: Down-Alternative Pillows

Our down alternative products from SFERRA® are an excellent choice for those seeking the luxury down feel at the most affordable price. Arcadia duvets and pillows truly mirror the down feel unlike any other synthetic down product in the world today. Come visit our showroom in Toronto or purchase directly from Ultramatic to truly experience this incredible product from the masters of luxury bedding at SFERRA®.

Popular Products: Giotto™ Luxury Sheet Set

Giotto from SFERRA® is their very finest sateen fabric offering the most luminous sheen and finish that is luxuriously smooth to the touch and will certainly add a certain level of class to your master bedroom never experienced before. Available in 13 beautiful colours, Giotto is for those who soft the feel of soft and gentle fabrics against their skin while they sleep. Giotto is the perfect balance for those seeking a luxury sheet which is heavier than a percale like Celeste but not as thick as Milos or Millesimo from SFERRA®.

Experience SFERRA® today from the sleep experts at Ultramatic. specimen book.

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