We have Canada’s Largest Selection of Lifestyle Adjustable Beds


    Elevate your life and improve your sleep with Ultramatic.


    Elevate your life and improve your sleep with Ultramatic.


Ultramatic is Canada’s leader in Lifestyle Adjustable Beds, Mattresses and Sleep Accessories

With over 200,000 lifestyle adjustable beds sold since our beginning, our passion is helping people live a healthy and energy-filled life through better sleep. A good night’s sleep can impact your entire body: improving your immunity, mood, memory, and energy. Our customers have discovered that Ultramatic sleep systems not only let you sleep better, but they let you live better too.

With more than 1001 positions, our beds adjust to you – as your body changes, and as your lifestyle changes. So go ahead and pick the perfect position for reading, watching TV, surfing on your tablet, working and sleeping. Find rejuvenating relaxation after a hard-day’s work, a tiring workout, during pregnancy, or as you recover from an injury. Improve Your Sleep. Elevate Your Life!

Lie Down on an Ultramatic.  Elevate Your Life!

With our exclusive Pillow-Tilt technology, exclusive NanoGel™ mattresses specifically designed for adjustable beds, and industry leading warranties, you can rest assured that choosing Ultramatic is the reliable, trustworthy option.

For over 30 years, we have built an unrivalled depth of trust and connection with our community, helping Canadians take control of their sleep, health and lives.

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Over 17,392 Happy Customers. Here are what others are saying.

“My eight hours of sleep now gives me more energy for so many daily activities. Most importantly, I awake each morning without any signs of back pain. The massage feature helps me to relax my legs and shoulders. Thanks so much for helping me see the importance of an Ultramatic bed for good night’s rest”

-Robert Johnson, Hamilton, ON

Because I can adjust the head of the bed I no longer have any chest discomfort. I sleep really well. Also, by having the foot of the bed raised at night, the swelling in my legs and feet is greatly reduced. I can walk a lot more easily now.”

- Shirley H., Seeley’s Bay, ON

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